TPU reflective Leather

Categories: Fashion reflective series
Material: TPU
Specification: 0.92*100M/Roll
Application:Can be used for bags, belts, leather shoes, hats, jewelry and accessories, such as the surrounding.
Characteristic: Environmental protection reflective leather breaks through the traditional leather technology and creates a new type of leather products with special "reflective" warning reflective function. The outdoor safety of wearers is improved.It can be used on textile fabric or non-woven fabric, made of TPU and PU with different formulations. The material and style can be customized according to different requirements. It can be widely used in bags, belts, shoes, hats, accessories and peripheral accessories and other fields.Durability:7 years
Storage: Temperature 18℃~ 24℃, relative humidity 30%~50%(1year) 
Color:Color and pattern can be customized