Yeagood is the brand of Fujian Yeagood Technology Co., Ltd. Yeagood always upholds the spirit of struggling for human security, adheres to the development concept of brand management, and provides consumers with a variety of safe application experience. Products are used in road traffic safety, personal protection, outdoor advertising, outdoor sports fashion, decoration and other fields.
Main products:
  1. Road traffic reflective materials: acrylic micro-prism reflective film, PC micro-prism reflective film, PET micro-prism reflective film, PVC micro-prism reflective film and other micro-prism reflective film series. It is applied to highway, national highway, provincial highway signs and various road signs, temporary road signs, road safety supplies and other fields.
  2. Vehicle Reflective Safety Mark: Body Reflective Mark, Dangerous Goods Reflective Mark, School Bus Specialized Reflective Mark, Vehicle Tail Mark (Heavy Vehicle Mark, Long Vehicle Mark), Used in Freight Vehicles, Dangerous Goods Vehicles and so on. The products meet the national standard certification.
  3. Diamond film: PVC diamond film, TPU diamond film break through the limitations of traditional micro-prism technology, to achieve a product of two-sided application characteristics, the front has a particle reflective effect, the back has a bright three-dimensional flash drilling effect. Products are used in fashion decorative accessories, mobile phone patch, shoes and clothing bags and other fields.
  4. Environmental Reflective Leather (Beautiful Leather), breaking through the traditional leather technology, creates a new type of leather products with special "reflective" warning reflective function, and improves the outdoor safety of wearers. It can be used on textile fabric or non-woven fabric, made of TPU and PU with different formulations. The material and style can be customized according to different requirements. It can be used in bags, belts, shoes, hats, accessories and peripheral accessories and other fields.
  5. Reflective cloth / 3D mesh cloth series: reflective chemical fiber cloth, reflective TC cloth, reflective one-sided elastic cloth, reflective two-sided elastic cloth, etc., mainly used for road traffic safety related products, used in reflective clothing, various occupational clothing, work clothing, etc.